2012 Financial Disclosure Statements

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Elected Officials


Martinez, Susana - Governor
Sanchez, John A. - Lieutenant- Governor
Duran, Dianna J.- Secretary of State
Balderas, Hector H. - State Auditor
Lewis, James B.- State Treasurer
King, Gary K. - Attorney General

Commissioner of Public Lands

Powell, Ray Bennett

Justices of the Supreme Court

Daniels, Charles Wesley - Chief Justice
Serna, Patricio M.
Maes, Petra Jimenez
Bosson, Richard C.
Chavez, Edward Lawrence

Judges of the Court of Appeals

Castillo, Celia Foy - Chief Judge
Fry, Cynhtia A.
Wechsler, Jim
Garcia, Timothy L.
Vanzi, Linda Miriam
Bustamante, Michael D.
Kennedy, Roderick Thomas
Vigil, Michael Edward
Sutin, Jonathan B.
Hanisee, J. Miles

Public Regulation Commission

Marks, Jason A. - District 1
Lyons, Patrick Hiller- District 2
Howe, Douglas James - District 3
Becenti-Aguilar, Theresa - District 4
Hall, Ben L. - District 5

Public Education Commissioners

Garrison, Martin Andrew– District 1
Pogna, Millie - District 2
Peralta, Gilbert G.– District 6
Gant, Eugene E. – District 7
Bergman, Vince N.– District 8
Shearman, Carolyn Kennedy– District 9
Carr, Thomas Jeffrey– District 10

State Senators

Sharer, William E.– District 1
Neville, Steven P.– District 2
Pinto, John– District 3
Munoz, George K.– District 4
Martinez, Richard Carl - District 5
Cisneros, Carlos Robert– District 6
Harden, Clinton D.– District 7
Campos, Pete– District 8
Sapien, John M.– District 9
Ryan, John Christopher– District 10
Lopez, Linda Marie– District 11
Ortiz y Pino, Gerald Peter– District 12
Feldman, Dede– District 13
Griego, Eric G.– District 14
Eichenberg, Tim– District 15
McSorley, Cisco– District 16
Keller, Timothy– District 17
Boitano, Mark L.– District 18
Beffort, Sue Wilson– District 19
Payne, William Holland– District 20
Curtis, Lisa K.– District 21
Lovejoy, Lynda M.– District 22
Rue, Sander Ardell– District 23
Rodriguez, Nancy E.– District 24
Wirth, Peter– District 25
Sanchez, Bernadette M.– District 26
Ingle, Stuart– District 27
Morales, Henry C.– District 28
Sanchez, Michael S.– District 29
Ulibarri, David– District 30
Nava, Cynthia Lee– District 31
Jennings, Timothy Z.– District 32
Adair, Rod– District 33
Asbill, Vernon D.– District 34
Smith, John Arthur– District 35
Garcia, Mary Jane M.– District 36
Fischmann, Stephen H.– District 37
Papen, Mary Kay– District 38
Griego, Phil A.– District 39
Burt, William Frank– District 40
Leavell, Carroll H.– District 41
Kernan, Gay G.– District 42

State Representatives

Taylor, Thomas C.– District 1
Strickler, James RJ – District 2
Bandy, Paul Cox– District 3
Begaye, Ray– District 4
Jeff, Sandra D– District 5
Alcon, Eliseo Lee– District 6
Chavez, David C.– District 7
Baldonado, Alonzo– District 8
Lundstrom, Patrica A.– District 9
Saavedra, Henry Kiki– District 10
Miera, Richard S.– District 11
Chavez, Ernest H.– District 12
Chavez, Eleanor – District 13
Garcia, Miguel P.– District 14
O'Neil Bill B.– District 15
Maestas, Antonio– District 16
Sandoval, Edward C.– District 17
Chasey, Gail – District 18
Williams-Stapleton, Sheryl M.– District 19
White, James Peter– District 20
Stewart, Mimi– District 21
Smith, James E.– District 22
Doyle, David L. – District 23
James, Conrad David– District 24
Picraux, Danice Rema– District 25
Park, Al– District 26
Larranaga, Lorenzo "Larry" A.– District 27
Hall, Jimmie C.– District 28
Anderson, Thomas A.– District 29
Gentry, Nathaniel Q.– District 30
Rehm, William R.– District 31
Irwin, Dona G.– District 32
Gutierrez Jonie Marie– District 33
Garcia, Mary Helen– District 34
Lujan, Antonio– District 35
Nunez, Andrew "Andy"– District 36
McMillan, Terry H.– District 37
Hamilton, Dianne M.– District 38
Martinez, Rodolpho – District 39
Salazar, Nick L.– District 40
Rodella, Debbie A.– District 41
Gonzales, Roberto "Bobby" J.– District 42
Hall, James W.– District 43
Powdrell-Culbert, Jane Ellen– District 44
Trujillo, Jim R.– District 45
Lujan, Ben– District 46
Egolf Jr., Brian Franklin– District 47
Varela, Luciano "Lucky"– District 48
Tripp, Don– District 49
King, Rhonda
Herrell, Yvette– District 51
Cervantes, Joseph– District 52
Little, Ricky Lee– District 53
Gray, William J. – District 54
Brown, Cathrynn N.– District 55
Cook, Zachary J. A.– District 56
Kintigh, Dennis J.– District 57
Ezzell, Candy Spence– District 58
Espinoza, Nora L.– District 59
Lewis, Tim Dwight– District 60
Tyler, Shirley– District 61
Bratton, Donald Everett – District 62
Dodge, George– District 63
Crook, Anna Marie– District 64
Madalena, James R.– District 65
Wooley, Bobby R.– District 66
Roch, Dennis James – District 67
Garcia, Thomas A.– District 68
Martinez, W. Ken– District 69
Vigil, Richard D.– District 70