Find Your Sample Ballot

Your sample ballot is based on the candidates running for office in your voting precinct.

First, to find your precinct number,  search VoterView.

Next, using your precinct number, find your sample ballot:



Absentee Voting in Person - Beginning May 8, 2012

Click here to find your Absentee polling location.

Early Voting - Beginning May 19, 2012

Click here to find your Early Voting polling location.

Election Day - June 5, 2012

Click here to find your Election Day polling location.

Voting Convenience Centers (VCCs) are new to New Mexico in this election. If your county is using voting convenience centers, you will be able to vote at any one of the voting convenience centers on election day. All of the VCCs in a county will be linked to a central database. Once you vote, every VCC will immediately have a record that you have already voted. Some counties are still using traditional precinct-based polling places. Some counties are using a combination of VCCs and traditional precinct-based polling places.

If your polling location is a VCC, then you can vote at any VCC in your county on election day.

If your polling location is not a VCC, then you should vote in your polling location in your precinct.

If you live in a precinct with a traditional polling location that is not a VCC, and you want to vote in a VCC, then you will be required to cast a provisional ballot. Your provisional ballot cast at a VCC will be counted as long as you have not also cast a ballot in your traditional polling location.