Requirements for Filing a Statement of Partnership Authority for General Partnerships (for further information, please refer to Sections 54-1A-101 through 54-1A-1206 (1997)  NMSA, 1978).

A statement of partnership authority must include the following information (pursuant to the Uniform Partnership Act, Section 54-1A-303 NMSA, 1978):

(1)    The name of the partnership.

(2)    The street address of its chief executive office and of one office in this state, if there is one.

(3)    The names and mailing addresses of all of the partners or of an appointed agent. The appointed agent shall maintain a list of the names and mailing addresses of all the partners and make it available to any person on request for good cause.

(4)    The names of the partners authorized to execute an instrument transferring real property held in the name of the partnership.

Further requirements for filing (pursuant to Section 54-1A-105 NMSA, 1978):

(1)    A statement of partnership authority filed by a partnership must be executed by at least two partners.

(2)    A certified copy of a statement of partnership authority that is filed in another state may be filed.

(3)    The filing fee for any statement of partnership authority, amendment, or cancellation is $50.00 (fifty dollars).

(4)    The statement of partnership authority must be mailed to:

Office of the Secretary of State
Operations Division
325 Don Gaspar, Suite 300
Santa Fe, NM 87503