Sections 1-19A-1 TO 1-19A-17 NMSA 1978

The following information is intended to be used as a reference for candidates interested in applying for public financing for the 2012 election cycle:

The Voter Action Act provides qualified candidates an opportunity to apply for public financing through the Public Election Fund.  The provisions of the act specifically cover the offices of the judicial branch of government subject to statewide election, and the Office of Public Regulation Commissioner. 

*Please note:  Judicial retention elections are not eligible for public financing.

Pursuant to the Voter Action Act the following offices are eligible to apply for public financing in the 2012 election cycle:

  • Judge of the Court of Appeals

  • Public Regulation Commissioner – District #1

  • Public Regulation Commissioner – District #3

Our staff will be assisting candidates and/or their campaign treasurers with the Voter Action Act application process.  If you have elected to pursue public financing, please schedule an informational meeting with Mandy Vigil by telephone at (505) 827-3617 or toll free at (800) 477-3632 or by email at, prior to the filing deadline of Tuesday March 20, 2012.  Ms. Vigil will provide you with required forms for the applicant candidate, and assist with any questions regarding application procedures.

Candidates seeking public financing in the covered offices listed above must submit their application packet (see Voter Action Act Forms below) by Tuesday, March 20, 2012. 

Please ensure that you provide the following completed forms at your appointment so that your certification will be considered:

Voter Action Act Forms

  1. Declaration of Intent Form

  2. Seed Money Contribution & Expenditure Report

  3. Qualifying Contribution Receipt

  4. Qualifying Contribution Report

  5. Application for Certification

  6. W-9 Form

*Please note: These forms are in addition to your nominating petitions, vital candidate information and declaration of candidacy.