2012 Vetoed Bills and Messages

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Date Vetoed Bill Number Title
03/03/2012  Senate Bill 2 with Message CRIMINAL RECORD EXPUNGEMENT ACT
03/03/2012  House Bill 290 with Message MOTOR VEHICLE TAX TO ROAD FUND  
03/03/2012  House Bill 261 with Message REDUCE MILL LEVY TO PAY FOR COUNTY HOSPITALS 
03/06/2012  Senate Bill 9 with Message CORPORATE TAX RATES & COMBINED REPORTING 
03/06/2012  House Bill 72 with Message JUDICIAL RETIREMENT CHANGES 
03/07/2012 Senate Bill 71 with Message INTERLOCKS FOR CERTAIN CRIME CONVICTIONS
03/07/2012 Senate Bill 302 with Message BED & BREAKFAST BEER & WINE PERMITS
03/07/2012 Senate Bill 59 with Message CHILD MURDER AS AGGRAVATING CIRCUMSTANCE
03/07/2012 Senate Bill 225 with Message CIGARETTE TAX DEFINITIONS
03/07/2012 House Bill 186 with Message CREATE ADDITIONAL JUDGESHIPS
03/07/2012 House Bill 188 with Message INCREASE COUNTY OFFICIAL SALARIES

Pocket Vetos

Date Vetoed Bill Number Title
03/08/2012 Senate Bill 83 STATE FACILITY 5 YEAR MASTER PLANS
03/08/2012 House Bill 98 FAMILY, INFANT, TODDLER PROGRAM