Notary Filing:$20.00

(Fee includes one original Notary Public Commission Appointment Certificate.)

Notary Name Change: $3.00

(Fee includes one corrected Notary certificate.)
[*Fee is the same for a replacement Notary certificate.*]

Apostille: $3.00

Authentication of Notary Certification of Appointment: $3.00

14-12A-16. FEES

The Maximum fees that may be charged by a notary public for notarial acts are:

(1.) Acknowledgements:$5.00 per Acknowledgement
(2.) Oaths of Affirmations without signature:$5.00 per Person
(3.) Jurat:$5.00 per Jurat
(4.) Copy Certifications:$.50 per Page (with a minimum total charge of $5.00).

Travel Fee's

* A notary public may charge a travel fee not to exceed thirty cents ($.30) per mile when traveling to perform a notarial act if:
(1.) the notary public and the person requesting the notarial act agree upon the travel fee in advance of the travel; and

(2.) the notary public explains to the person requesting the notarial act that the travel fee is separate from the notarial fees and not mandated by law.