VREMS (Voter Registration and Election Management System) data may be purchased for election and campaign purposes only. This data includes each voter's name, address, telephone # (with voter's consent), year of birth, party affiliation, and registration data such as  county, precinct, and district information.  New System features include real-time updates and voter history.  Anyone who purchases VREMS data must sign an authorization form (PDF Format)  swearing the data will not be made available for or used for commercial or unlawful purposes.

For more information, contact the Bureau of Elections, Office of the Secretary of State at: (505) 827-3600 or (800) 477-3632 or by E-mail

The fees for the various media on which VREMS data can be requested are as follows:


Type of Service or Document



CD ROM $4.00 per 1,000 records w/history  Unsorted
  $1.00 per 1,000 records without history Unsorted
Printed List $5.00 per  1,000 records   As Requested


File types available on VREMS:
comma-separated value
Text(tab-separated columns)

The minimum charge for any request is $25.00.

To find out the  number of registered voters by county or statewide  click here

There is no price reduction for buying voter data on more than one media. If  for example, the same AVRS data is requested on both diskette and a printed list, the requester must pay full price for both media types.

Some of the voters in our AVRS database are marked inactive. These are people who have not voted in several election cycles or who, according to the National Change of Address database, have moved and have not responded to letters from the county clerks. You may include these voters in your request if you wish. Our experience is that people who are doing direct mailings often prefer not to include these voters; however, those who want to validate petition signatures definitely want their lists to include inactive voters.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for PDF formats

It is possible to have names and addresses of voters printed in label format on plain paper. The advantage of this option is that you can copy the labels onto regular label stock each time you want to do a mailing.

Householding means that if there is more than one voter at the same address with the same last name, only a label for the first voter will be generated.

If you are interested in requesting Voter Data Information, contact Patricia Lemus at 505-827-3624 or 1-800-477-3632 or by  Email .

Mailing Address:
New Mexico Secretary of State
State Capitol North Annex, Suite 300
Santa Fe, NM  87503