Office of the Secretary of State, Operations Division

The operations division records, files, or registers different types of records used in commerce, such as partnership registrations, trademark/service mark registrations, Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, service of process on corporations, and agricultural liens. The Inspection of Public Records Act requires that records such as these be treated as public records and made available to the public. This office does not withhold these records from anyone who requests them, nor does this office require that you hire someone to retrieve these records for you.

To better meet the requirements of the Inspection of Public Records Act, the operations division is continuously seeking methods to facilitate the dissemination of our records in a quicker and more efficient manner. Presently, the operations division offers access to UCC filings on our web site. In the future, this office will provide access to trademark/service mark registrations. In addition, TIF images of the actual filings will also be provided. In short, we want you to have immediate access to these records by merely visiting our web site. You may write or telephone our office and, for a small fee, copies of these public records will be sent to you.

Our goal is to provide better service to you. Please contact us with any suggestions or recommendations you have in this regard.