New Mexico Notary Public

Effective July 1, 2003, a new notary public law went into effect.  In addition to an increase in the application fee and the surety bond amount, the new law also provides duties and responsibilities for the notary, as well as increased fees that notaries may charge for their services. The new Notary Public Act is included in this handbook for your reference.  As a notary public you are a state official serving an important function. Your role as an impartial witness to the signatures on documents and the affixing of your seal plays an important role in the prevention of fraud and protection of the parties involved. It is your responsibility to determine that a person signing a document is the person he or she claims to be. The duties and responsibilities of New Mexico Notaries Public are set forth in Chapter 286, Laws of 2003, which are reproduced herein. If you have questions of a legal nature you should consult an attorney.  However, if you have any questions that are not of a legal nature and are not addressed here, please telephone the Office of the Secretary of State at (505)-827-3600, or (800) 477-3632. You may also write or visit us at the New Mexico Office of the Secretary of State, State Capitol North, Suite 300, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501. 

        General Information

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                              Notary Public Act (Effective July 1, 2003)

  1. Notary Public Basics Training Video

  2. Information for Notary Public

  3. Notary Public Law

  4. Notarial Definitions

  5. FAQ's

  6. Precautions

  7. Reminders

  8. How to perform a notarization

  9. View Sample Notarial Certificates

  10. View Sample Notarial Certificates in Spanish

  11. Fee Schedule

  12. Apostilles and Certificates of Appointment

  13. Apostilles and Certification of Appointment (en Español)

  14. New Mexico Notary Public Handbook

  15. Notary Education Resources:

  16. DISCLAIMER: The notary organizations listed below are provided merely as a quick reference for those interested in pursuing training, membership, educational materials or notary supplies. It is not the intention of the Secretary of State to exclude any organization not specifically mentioned and it should be noted that thesequick references as listed below, are not the only resources of the kind available. It is therefore strongly recommended that individuals with such interests thoroughly research the specifics of available entities to obtain the full spectrum of their available options.


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  17. Application and Instructions for becoming a notary public*

  18. * For notary public applying for a renewal commission, Section 14-12A-6, NMSA 1978, reads”...a notary public may be reappointed upon making application in the same manner as required for an original  application."

  19. Notary Public Name Change Application For your convenience forms are fillable!

  20. Notary Public Change of Address Form

  21. Notary Public Request For Duplicate Certificate of Appointment

  22. Notary Information for all States

  23. e-Notarization

  24. Notary Public Complaint Process