During the 2007 First Special Session of the Forty-Eighth State of New Mexico Legislature, House Bill 184, known as the “Uniform Revised Limited Partnership Act” was passed and signed by the Governor.  The revised act provides for various changes, one of which is that a partnership may acquire Limited Liability Limited Partnership status through a simple statement in the certificate of limited partnership registration. During the forty-ninth legislative session, Senate Bill 11 amended certain sections of the law governing partnerships. We encourage you to review the Revised Act, Chapter 54 – Partnerships at, in order to familiarize yourself with the new changes in the law.

The information listed below is strictly for informational purposes only. The employees of the Office of the Secretary of State may not provide legal advice.  We recommend that you consider consulting with an attorney for professional assurance that your interpretation of the law is correct. Pursuant to statute this office does not provide forms. You will need to draft your own form in accordance with the statutory requirements. All filings with this office must be captioned to describe the record’s purpose pursuant to section 54-2A-206 NMSA 1978.  

  1. Requirements for Registration as a New Mexico Limited Liability Limited Partnership section 54-2A-201 NMSA 1978

  2. Requirements for Registration of a Foreign Limited Partnership section 54-2A-902 NMSA 1978 (Application for Certificate of Authority)

  3. Requirements for Registration of a Foreign Limited Liability Limited Partnership(Application for Certificate of Authority) section 54-2A-902 NMSA 1978

  4. Requirements for filing a Statement of Qualification for New Mexico Limited Liability Partnerships (For further information, please refer to section 54-1A-101 through 54-1A-1206 NMSA 1978.)

  5. Annual Report requirements for Limited Liability Partnerships section 54-1A-1003 NMSA 1978

  6. Requirements for filing a Statement of Partnership Authority for General Partnerships (For further information, please refer to sections 54-1A-101 through 54-1A-1005 NMSA 1978)
  7. .

  8. Partnership Fees

  9. Signing of Records section 54-2A-205 NMSA 1978

  10. Amendment or Restated Certificate section 54-2A-202 NMSA 1978 and section 54-2A-906 NMSA 1978

  11. Termination section 54-2A-203 NMSA 1978

  12. Cancellation section 54-2A-907 NMSA 1978

  13. Filings required for merger

  14. Filings required for conversion

  15. Certificate of Existence or Authorization